Inspiration, Techniques and Resources
Watercolor Painter's Solution Book

The book of solutions for watercolors covers many different subjects. I see this book as a sort of checklist for watercolorists: Are your tonal contracts good enough? And your sky? Are your foregrounds interesting? Is your brush good enough? etc … For each subject, the author brings an example of problematic watercolor, then reveals his […]

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The Urban Sketching Handbook: Working with Color

The author is Shari Blaukopf  a graphic designer and teacher from Montreal. If you love watercolor, it is a good idea to look at her website, there are a lot of resources, and good informations available for sketchers and watercolorists. She is known for her vibrant, luminous cityscapes in watercolor. In her book, Shari shares her essential […]

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Painting what you want to see

I bought the book «Painting the Way You Want to See» from Charles Reid in the 80’, some 30 years ago. Since than, our studio’s bookcases have been filled to the top. As I run a design studio with my wife, we have plenty of paintings, drawing, arts and design related books (plus all other […]

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