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The book of solutions for watercolors covers many different subjects. I see this book as a sort of checklist for watercolorists:
Are your tonal contracts good enough?
And your sky?
Are your foregrounds interesting?
Is your brush good enough?
etc …

For each subject, the author brings an example of problematic watercolor, then reveals his explanations and some solutions. The author does not provide a corrected version of the problematic painting: rather, it provides what a good painting of a similar subject would have been.

Although the graphics and design of the book date from another era, the content does not suffer too much. You will certainly not read this book all at once. I think it's better to see this book as a reference, to which you should return from time to time.

The book include basic lessons on colors, landscape, still lifes and portraits. It also includes technical tips such as controlling backruns, mixing sprecific colors, people in paintings, interpretations, foreground, brushwork, how to treat refective surfaces, and much more. A total of 47 lessons.

Here is the table of content:


Getting the Most
Out of Your Palette 8
Controlling the Paint 10
Avoiding Backruns 14
Tonal Contrast 16
Creating Mood 18
Painting Shadows 22
Mixing Greens 24
Achieving Color Harmony 28
Avoiding Muddy Colors 32
Mixing Flesh Tones 34
Sunsets 36
Blue Skies 38
Mixing Grays 40
White Buildings 44

Making a visual Statement 46
Creating a Focal Point 48
Guiding the Eye 52
Depth in Landscapes 54
Unifying a Composition 56
Composing Skies 60
Floral Still Lifes 62
Adding Foreground
Interest 66
Perspective in Skies 68
People in Paintings 70
Varying the Focus 74
Arranging a Still Life 78
Rhythm and Movement 82
Brushwork 86

Learning to Express Form and Texture 90
Sunny Scenes 92
Portraits 96
Flowers 98
Reflections in Water 102
Clouds 106
Buildings 108
Summer Foliage 110
Animals 114
Winter Scenes 116
Still Water 118
Rapid Water 120
Winter Trees 122
Rounded Forms 126
Weathered Textures 128
Eyes and Mouths 132
Reflective Surfaces 134
Fog and Mist 136
Interpreting the Subject 138

Watercolor Painter's Solution Book

Autor: Angela Gair
Release date: 1988
Number of pages: 144
Publisher: Quarto Publishing
ISBN: 0-89134-233-8
Review by: Watercolotoday

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The book contains 44 lessons on common watercolor problems, with their solutions. It was released in the 80. The watercolors quality throughout the book vary from one page to the other . The book is more of a reference about common watercolor problems than a book that you'll read in one shot. To keep handy, as a reference, in your studio bookshelf.