Inspiration, Techniques and Resources

The author is Shari Blaukopf  a graphic designer and teacher from Montreal. If you love watercolor, it is a good idea to look at her website, there are a lot of resources, and good informations available for sketchers and watercolorists.

She is known for her vibrant, luminous cityscapes in watercolor. In her book, Shari shares her essential color tips about color/water ratio, achieving bold color, avoiding muddy washes, painting in layers, and using wet-in-wet techniques.

There are plenty of beautiful sketches, paintings and examples. This book is not a step by step instructional book. It inspire the reader to new ways of working with colours. There are many suggestions on how you can experiment. So in the end, Shari encourages sketchers to experiment and create their own palettes.

This essential book covers:

• supplies and materials
• sample color palettes
• color mixing

• using limited palettes
• monochrome sketches

• the power of complementary colors
• using evocative, expressive color

The instructional text is enhanced with stunning watercolor illustrations by the author and other expert urban sketchers from beautiful locations around the globe. The illustrations include examples of color swatches showing value; mixing; illustrations of complementary, analogous, and neutral color schemes; and sample galleries.

As the book is produce by a skilled urban sketcher, I recommend this reading to all of you who love urban sketching and watercolor.
Working with Color is an indispensable guide for on-location artists looking to expand and strengthen their expressive use of color.